The Latest on WestLaw Next (WLN)

  • July 29, 2010 – all faculty at Albany Law School have access via their current Westlaw “OnePass” log in.  They can go to and log in to the home page and see a new tab at the top for WLN.
  • September 13, 2010 – All students with Full Access accounts (2Ls and 3Ls) will get access to WLN.   1Ls will not get access until their  accounts are opened to full access. 1Ls have limited access as  in prior years. 
  • Current access to regular Westlaw will not end.  There are no current plans to end access to current Westlaw.
  • Features NOT in the current release of WLN, (but still in regular Westlaw):
    • No Printing to Westlaw Printers
    • WestClip– the automated search feature that sends results to your email
    • KeyCite Alert”- the feature which allows you to track automatically the status of a citation and have an email sent to you when that status changes
  • Recently released Features in WLNext– many of you were trained a few months ago, here are the latest releases (features currently in regular WL):
    • WLN is Mobile- now fully compatible with iPhones, BlackBerry’s and Droids smartphones
    • Topical Searching-Search by Practice area
    • Template Searching– fill in the blank approach
    • Pinpoint Linking– (not available in regular WL)- allows you to click on any search term within a search result and it forwards you to the next occurrence of that term in the document
    • TWEN– full integration and linking of documents
    • The Word in the Firms/other subscribers– It looks like WLN is catching on in the law firms and other legal employers, there is a significant movement to WLN.  Students will be more likely to see it next summer.

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