Embedding, It’s Easy!

 By clicking on the HTML icon in TWEN, faculty are able to EMBED content for their students. 

Embedding eliminates the uploading of files to TWEN, using up available storage space, and software incompatibility issues that students may encounter.

Below is a list of the most popular tools.  Though many have been created to use in the K-12 classroom, there are some that could definitely fit into law school teaching.

Collaborative Project Tools

  • aMap   This tool provides a visual tool over debatable issues.  When it is embedded on your site, students can take positions and fill out the map online. The embed code is located under share your aMap.
  • Glogster Teachers or students can create interactive posters or digital scrapbook pages that provide links out to other sites.    The embed code is provided when you save the glogster.
  • Google Forms – You will need to have a Google Account to use these as the forms are part of the Google Docs area.   The forms are easy to create and easy to embed.   To find the embed code, click More ActionsEmbed.
  • VoiceThread .  Here students can share in discussions over images or video in an amazing way.  If a person is already logged into Voicethread website, he can comment on a voicethread directly from your  website.  The embed code is found under embed.

Communication Tools to Students

  • Google Maps – Do you to share  need directions to a destination?  Go into Google maps and look up the destination’s address.  Once the map is generated, click Link to this page, copy the web address from the Paste HTML to embed in website field in your browser and paste it into the HTML code of your webpage.
  • Interactive Graphic Organizers – With  ClassTools, you can create venn diagrams, timelines, and more to be embedded on your site.  Click on the gear icon to get the embed code.
  • Mixbook  – It allows you to create online digital scrapbooks to share with students.  This can be used for digital storytelling projects, as well, but students will need a login verified by an email.  The embed code is found under share.
  • Polls –  With  Poll Vault, just create a poll and click share to find the embed code.  Poll Everywhere is another tool where students can either vote online or SMS text their responses in.  The embed code is on the right under Publish.
  • PowerPoints – There are several tools that will allow you to convert your PowerPoints into the embeddable slideshows.  Google Docs, Slideshare, MyPlick, and Slideshow will allow you to upload your PowerPoint and provide you an embed code to put on your website.
  • Review Game – MyStudiyo allows you to create review quizzes and embed them on your site.  The code is found when you click spread the word.
  • Screenshots with comments – Skitch is an easy tool that allows you to screen capture, make annotations, and embed them on your site.  To find the embed code click webpost.
  • Webpage Links – Wallwisher is a virtual bulletin board to cover with virtual post-its, this as a way to share websites with students.  The embed code is located under Do More.
  • Word Documents – Scribd, Issuu, Calemeo allow you to upload your Word (including 2007 documents) and PDF documents while providing you an embed code.  Students can view handouts and such without having to have Microsoft Office on their home computers, plus Calemeo will allow you will to create digital books.


  • Animoto –This is a tool to make photo music videos that can be easily embedded on a webpage.  Be sure to sign up for the “Educator” version to take advantage of all the features.  The embed code is found with the Thumbtack Icon.
  • BubbleShare –This is another slideshow creator that uses fun frames like television sets or a theater stage.  The embed code is listed above the slideshow.
  • Photopeach – This slideshow creator that comes with audio and the easy ability to add text over your images.  The embed code is found underneath the slideshow.
  • Picasa Web Album Slideshows –  This free tool allows you to save and share your photos on the web.  When you have an album created online, look for the Link Button on the right.  You’ll see an option for Embed a Slideshow
  • Slide.com – This is a  slideshow tool that will allow you to put clipart and glitter around the images.  The embed code is underneath the slideshow.

Student Products

  • Bookr form PimPamPum – Pulls in photos from FlickR to create digital books online.  To find the embed code click Blog This.
  • Bubbl.us – With this tool you can create a brainstorming mind map and embed it on your site.  To keep from having students needing accounts to login, you could have one teacher account and use the interactive white board to create as a whole class then embed on the webpage.  The embed code is located under the Menu button in the bottom right corner.
  • Wordle – The use of Wordle has become very popular in the past year and with the ability to easily embed them.  The embed code is found directly beneath the generated Wordle.


  • BBC Video News and CNN News – You can embed news videos on your site.  The embed code for BBC is found when you click “share” and CNN’s code is just below the video.
  • Live Video Feed from Your Classroom – Turn on a webcam and broadcast a guest speaker or a student presentation  from your website.  Ustream allows you to set up your show and provides you with the embed code just below the video window.
  • SchoolTube – You can upload your own class recordings here and embedding them on your website.  It’s a great way to archive class activities.  The embed code on the right.
  • TeacherTube – TeacherTube , in addtion to uploading video, allows you to upload documents to share.  The videos do have embed codes on the right.
  • YouTube – With the wealth of options at YouTube, you can usually find some resources for your class or tutorial videos on just about anything.   This blog post shows embedding tricks for YouTube.  For example, you can embed just a portion of a YouTube clip or set it up to autoplay on your site.  The embed code on the right.  Check out YouTube Edu, as well.

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