Survey says…

In addtion to the polling feature in TWEN, the tools below support  interactivity in the law school classroom:

1.  Strutta  – Create not just polls, but online contests as well. Strutta allows teachers to moderate all student content before being posted online.
2.  Runpolls  – An easy site to use, with a drag & drop interface.
3.  Flisti  – A simple poll creator that allows users to share with popular social networks.
4.  Obsurvey – A great site with a wiki-style interface that allows users to create surveys with different styles of questions, such as multiple choice, true or false, and others.
5.  Survey Monkey  – One of the best online sites for creating surveys. The free version offers 10 questions per survey, up to 100 responses, and real-time results.
6.  Polldaddy  – Similar to Survey Monkey, with a nice user interface.
7.  Vorbeo – An easy-to-use site that lets users embed a poll directly into their blog or website.
8.  Text the Mob  – Good site site to use with  a large audience. Allows users to text in their responses via a mobile device. Built-in filtering soon to come, which would be ideal for schools.
9.  Insightify  – A great collaborative website for creating online surveys.
10.  Yarp – A fun site to use for creating simple surveys that generates a unique URL.

taken from Tech &Learning (Sept 2010) article by David Kapuler, media and technology specialist at Greendale (Wis.) School District.


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