LEPP Version 2.0

 started a project called the Legal Education Podcasting Project (LEPP) back in 2006, which John Mayer documented on his old blog and Austin Groothius wrote about in an ABA Student Lawyer article.

Because of the  positive feedback from students and faculty, this project has been revived to coincide with the new, improved Classcaster system.

According to CALI, these are the reasons to join LEPP v. 2.0:

  • Want to cut down on students transcribing your every word on their laptops?
  • Like the idea of students using supplemental materials you made, instead of the one-size-fits-all supplements they buy at the bookstore?
  • Want to provide your students with something that we know they will love and that will help them learn?
  • Would you like the chance to hear yourself teach so that you can evaluate and improve your teaching?


  • There is no cost to using Classcaster for faculty or students.
  • Faculty maintain copyright in these recordings.
  • If faculty member is recording a classroom lecture and interaction with students,  how he/she deals with permission to record issues is between professor, students, and law school
  • Faculty will be able to password protect blog posts, if they only want to ensure only students to have access to recordings.

CALI is even offering a free digital recording system to try it out (Application can be filled out HERE.)


  • Create and maintain a Classcaster blog for Spring 2011 class(es).
  • Post new audio recordings on the blog on a regular basis during the semester.
  • Give CALI feedback on the project.

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