LiveBlogging from CDETG

Fall 2010 Meeting at Skidmore College

DROPBOX as a free web hostDamon Cook, Empire State College

  • Just Install client
  • Can share data
  • Free but you can buy extra space
  • Start with 2GB but gets bigger over time, the more you use and the more you share
  • I f you don’t want to install, use from a thumb  drive, or  from the web interface
  • Create a web page – save as html file and post for sharing links
  • Share video
  • Dropbox add-ons – Listed on the wiki on
  • DROPITtoME – password protected space
  • LINK to this presentation

SLN  Faculty Online Dan Feinberg, SUNY Learning Network

  • 3000 instructors
  • Collective knowledge
  • use Ning to share
  • Twitter feeds on the NING
  • Online course development – 7 step process – free to be shared
  • Award-winning Online teaching self assessment survey– SLOAN-C

JINGKelly Dempsey-Little, Skidmore College

  • Free – pc or Mac formats available
  • can capture Image or video
  • Post it online
  • can use with audio or without
  • Save on hard drive
  • Can edit image not video
  • Free version – 2gb of space, but can buy more
  • Have to install software – no web interface
  • 5 min limit for recording video
  • $ for you tube format
  • acct to publish – free
  • Gives embed code

VOICETHREADDr. Sandra Winn, Excelsior College

  • Interactive communication tool – like a chat room
  • Can download video into it and students can respond
  • Need external mic
  • Can text if no mic or use phone to call in
  • Can share a video, links, send through email
  • 20 people can converse for free or $99/yr
  • no max on video, just browse and upload
  • Tutorial is right there on the site
  • Can use to critique rough drafts or projects
  • NO software to install – web-based
  • Not public, need an account to create, share, to

EtherpadPhyllise Banner, American Public University System

  • Google took the code to create their own
  • Now it’s PiratePad
  • users collaborate in real time or asynchronously
  • web-based. no software to install Phyllise Banner

  • Live streaming – free – video stored on their server
  • no software to install, web-based
  • get an acct &  connect a webcam
  • Can use on a mobile device

Presentations will be posted on the website – .  Next meeting will be in the spring.  Location: TBA


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