Upgrade Embedded Videos with EmbedPlus

EmbedPlus  allows you to add enhanced playback and relevant content to the YouTube videos that you embed in order to enhance the viewer’s experience. You can add moveable zoom, instant replay, slow motion, scene skipping, annotations, etc.

Remember law professors can directly embed YouTube videos into their  TWEN course sites

If you don’t want to embed, you can post or email the new URL for the video.

What may be really useful for professors if that they can add their own timed annotations to any YouTube video.  The control bar displays the text to avoid blocking the video screen and distracting viewers. See example below:

Examsoft Instructions for Windows Users – http://bit.ly/ffd9B0  

Embedplus is easy to use.  Just find a YouTube video, go to embedplus.com, copy the URL and click Next.


  • It only works with YouTube videos (but there are many law-related videos there and you can upload your own)
  • The annotations can only be 70 characters
  • It does not automatically save what you have done (so you cannot go back & edit, you have to start over).


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