LEPP v.2 and the Effect of Podcasting

As mentioned in a previous post, CALI is bringing back the Legal Education Podcasting Project and was looking for faculty volunteers. CALI would mail the professor a free digital recording system (pictured above) if he/she would:

  • Create and maintain a Classcaster blog for Spring 2011 class(es).
  • Post new audio recordings on the blog on a regular basis during the semester.
  • Give CALI feedback on the project

We do have one volunteer, Mary Lynch, who teaches a Domestic Violence Clinic Seminar. She has received her recorder and will soon begin to set up her blog and learn to record and post her class lectures.

CALI has offered and recorded 2 webinars to train new podcaster/bloggers –

Lat fall, before deciding to renew its iTunes U contract, George Washington University conducted a study on whether or not  podcasts impact student learning and engagement.

The results of the study showed that “(it) depends on the student’s learning style, gender and motivation.”

Here are some of the interesting findings from the study:

  • Podcasts grab attention and maintain it.
  • Students conceptually understood the content, not just remembered it, and the scale of understanding seemed to tip toward the podcasts.
  • The students who said they weren’t that motivated at the beginning of the class scored higher on the test when they listened to the podcasts.
  • Guys improved their results from the pre-test to the post-test more with the podcasts. But the women’s results showed no difference.
  • From the beginning of the research to the end, the number of students who preferred podcasts nearly tripled, jumping from 21 to 62.
  • In general, no one saw a dramatic uptick in results with the text or the podcasts. If they did the work, they did better on the test, he said.

It was concluded that  “no one can draw a simple conclusion from these results. Podcasts provide another instructional tool that will help some students, and professors should just try it.” George Washington University did decide to renew their iTunes U contract.

In addition to Albany Law‘s participation in LEPP v.2, many professors already record their class lectures (esp review classes) and post them to their course TWEN pages.  Students have been informally surveyed on the effect of these recordings on their grades and have indicated that it has helped them understand the material.


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