Staff Development at Albany Law – 3 Models

Topics for staff development provided to law faculty this past fall were based on responses to a pre-semester survey and were chosen by faculty request.

Three types of workshops were given, as described below:

Model 1 –  I, the instructional technologist, taught and the faculty watched. The Topic, Wikis, was requested by the clinic faculty.

Wikis Presentation:

Model 2 – Fellow faculty members discussed their use of  Interactive TWEN Tools.  They shared how these tools enhanced student learning and offered lessons learned.

Power of TWEN Presentation:

Model 3 – This was a hands-on presentation. Faculty brought their laptops and learned to animate text, create hyperlinks, embed YouTube videos, and other Advanced PowerPoint tricks.

Justification for this model is the famous Confucius saying: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Adv. PowerPoint Presentation:

After each of the presentation, a survey was given to all the attendees. It is, however, always a challenge to get them to respond.

Model 1

You can see here that no one was sure that they were going to use a wiki.

Model 2

The response to this workshop was a lot more positive.  The attendees will be trying to use what they learned about. But they would need assistance.

Model 3

In this model, as well, the attendees feel that they will use what they learned.  Because it was hands-on, most felt that would be able to do it themselves.

Where do we go from here?

It seems that both Models 2 & 3  have been successful with the law faculty here.  Additional hands-on workshop will be offered on TWEN, PowerPoint and other technology tools. 

Another faculty sharing session has been scheduled for Feb 2, 2011. The topic is “Using Student Digital Video Recording for Assessment.”


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