The State of “Technology”

In honor of the President Obama’s State of the Union address, I’d like to talk about the State of (Instructional) Technology at Albany Law School.

  • In conjunction with one of my goals for the year, I can report that 81% of the classes last semester had an online course management system set up (72% Twen, 9% Lexis).
  • Also, of those who used Twen, 53% used their site to promote student interaction using online tools (wikis, assignment dropbox, forums, signup sheets, polls, etc.).
  • Several faculty workshops were held during the fall semester, including a sharing session on Using Twen to Promote Student Interaction and a hands-on workshop on Advanced PowerPoint.
  • Distance learning will continue with Government Ethics being offered entirely online again this Spring. Many improvements have been made such as providing grading rubrics to students, using the grade book to offer periodic feedback/assessment, realistic discussion participation requirements, etc.
  • All classrooms have been updated. U343 follows the media link controller model and is exactly the same set up as U200, U201, U214, EW, WW, E115, E116. Room 209 (Rochester) has a Crestron Touchpanel and is similar to room 200 and Dean Alexander. Both W120 & E117 have Smartboards display systems. All the directions for using classroom equipment were updated, laminated and posted on the side of each lectern. As a result, more professors used technology in the classroom and fewer of them required assistance in setting up the technology.
  • Examsoft for Macs was used by over 100 students to take their final exams. Its implementation was virtually glichfree!! Even so, an updated version of the Mac software has been released for Spring exams.

  • Prof. Klare continued to video record her students’ in 5 interviewing simulations throughout the semester. For each recording, students self-critiqued their performance, the professor watched the videos and then selected 2-3 videos to show to the rest of the class. For the final exam, an “actor” played the role of the client. Students scheduled their recordings through Administrative Services in order to use the equipment in L013. (This was a change from previous years.)

  • Students in Prof. Lynch’s Domestic Violence Clinic Seminar class are participating in the Legal Education Podcasting Project v.2 where they will be accessing audio recordings on the new site.

  • Prof. Hutter is piloting Westlaw/Twen/Law School Exchange ability to stream video for his Antitrust Marketing System class. Once a week, the class is video recorded and the recording is streamed through TWEN.

  • Albany Law’s Web Portal implementation continues to be on schedule. Students, faculty and staff will be notified as to its launch date. Training will be provided as necessary.
  • Another ITS project underway will be the upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2010.  When this change is complete, those using OWA will experience improvements to their e-mail environment.

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