PowerPoint for Teaching & Learning

Thanks to Rebecca Flanagan from Univ. of Connecticut School of Law’s post in Law School Academic Support blog for this idea:

The PowerPoints are digitally distributed ahead of time, so students can load the slides on their computer before the start of class. The slides were also projected at the front of the room. The students with computers almost universally had the PowerPoints open, in the “notes page” format…  From the notes page format, students could see the PowerPoint on the screen, and take notes underneath. The slides were used as place keepers for the lecture. Each slide had text outlining a major point, along with some fun visuals, …The PowerPoints did not outline the lecture, just the main point of the topic. Students could not use the PowerPoints as a substitute for class attendance. ..The students were MORE tuned in to class lecture. If they lost their place in the lecture, the students did not feel as if they were lost for the rest of the class. They could figure out the context by looking at the slide.



Another instructional use for PowerPoint has been spurred on by the influx of snow days.  Professors have to cover a certain amount of content and it is usually impossible to re-schedule missed classes. Several of the professors at Albany Law School have been using the Adobe Presenter add-in to PowerPoint to narrate the slides that they would have discussed in class.  This presentation (with audio) is saved as a PDF and uploaded to the class’ TWEN site. Students are asked to listen & view the presentation on their own time.  Sometimes an assignment or quiz is even connected to it to keep students on task.

Others professors who do not wish to use Adobe Presenter, have posted their PowerPoint slides on TWEN  along with a digital audio recording in which they discuss the content of the class that was missed.  Students can listen to the audio and follow along in the PowerPoint slides.  They can stop the audio and take notes, as needed.


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