Mid-Semester Polling of Distance Learning Students

Spring break has arrived.  So it’s time to ask the online students what they think.

A 6 question survey was posted in TWEN and given as an assignment (15 of 17 students completed it.)

Question 1: How much time per week are you spending on this course?

80% say “5-10 hours(This is what they are supposed to spend.)

Question 2: How does this compare to your expectations?

60% say “More than I expected.” (They were told 5-10 hours at the face-to-fae orientation?)



 Question 3: Do you believe that you are taking a more active role in class discussion on-line than you might have it the class were live?

67% say “Yes(This is what we wanted 🙂 )

Question 4: Do you believe that the discussion questions are focused yet open-ended enough to allow for differing points of view?

93% say “Yes(This is exactly what we had hoped!)

Question 5: Should there be more postings in response to initial postings, or are you satisfied with the virtual discussion as it currently works?

80% say “Fine the way it is(Good.)

Question 6: Do you think TWEN works well as a course mangement system for an online class?

73% say “Yes(I am glad.)

Question 7: Are you pleased so far with your experience taking an online course?

80% say “Yes(The professor is happy.)

All in all, the students’ responses are positive. 

The changes in the course from last year seem to be working favorably:

  • Professor-created grading rubrics  provided ahead of time.
  • Revised Discussion Forums participation requirement based on realistic time constraints and posting deadlines.
  • Used the TWEN grade book to offer students periodic feedback/assessment.
  • Another survey is planned at the end of the course which will be directed more toward student opinons on  the wikis and the group project. It will include more open-ended questions and allow for more  feedback.


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