Online Quizzes in Law School

After Dean Guernsey’s workshop on Multiple Choice Testing on 2/9/11, there have been several professors who have taken advantage of TWEN”s online quiz option to give multiple choice quizzes to their students.

There are many advantages in using this system:

  • It is easy to create a quiz or a question bank.
  • Both can be shared with another professor who teaches the same course. (Two faculty members who teach Bus Org used the same mid-term questions).
  • The grades can be linked the student”s anonymous number. This is important if there are also essays assigned in the course or fill-ins as part of the quiz.
  • The quizzes are automatically graded.  (Professor indicates the correct answer when setting up the quiz).
  • If desired the quizzes can be timed.
  • They can reveal the student’s grade when finished.
  • They can be used a learning tool and give the student the correct answer and explanation.
  • The results can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The quiz responses themselves can be analyzed – TWEN shows students responses for each question.
  • Grades can be changed (such as giving students credit for another correct answer).
  • Students can take the quiz on their own time and classroom time used to teaching.

As with any technology tool, there are also disadvantages:

  • Technical glitches that can occur such Internet access problems, etc.
  • Inaccuracies with the online timer
  • Monitoring the materials and/or assistance students receive if using outside the classroom.
  • Time to type the questions & answers (No spell check available).
  • Once students complete the quiz, they cannot go back in and see which answers they chose. Only the professor can individually see each student’s choice (This violates the student’s anonymity if they want to talk to the professor regardfing their answers.)
  • The anonymous number has to be entered twice – once for the assignment drop box (primary id) and again for the quiz.

So far six Albany Law School classes  have experimented with TWEN’s online quizzes.  Westlaw has been very responsive in listening to our suggestions for improvement and have assured us that a new improved version is on its way!!!

Thus the use of  TWEN to give frequent multiple-choice quizzes can help  faculty assess student progress and enhance a student’s success in law school, as well as, on the NYS (MBE) bar exam and on the MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam).


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