Looking Back on the 2010-11 Academic Year

  • Orientation – This past Fall, 1Ls were provided with online access to narrated PowerPoint slide shows. These shows contained important information on issues related to Administrative Services, Human Resources, Career Center, Diversity Office and ITS.  Students were able to view these at their leisure and save them for future use.  Their posting also enabled shortening the length of the face-to-face orientation sessions. These presentations served their purpose well.
  • ITS Office –  Office space  was renovated and reconfigured.  These improvements included better access to in-person helpdesk support services and a larger, more efficient server-room within the ITS office space.  The new office space and the HelpDesk ticketing system improved efficiency in supporting the staff & students.
  • Classroom Renovations – The last two classrooms were updated.  U343 followed the media link controller model and  was set up exactly as U200, U201, U214, EW, WW, E115, E116.  Room 209 (Rochester) has a Crestron Touchpanel similar to room 200 and Dean Alexander.  All the directions for using classroom equipment were updated, laminated and posted on the side of each lectern to facilitate use by faculty. More faculty have been using the technology in the rooms and those using it have required much less outside assistance.
  • WestLaw – WestLaw Next, Westlaw’s new legal database became available in the Fall for all staff, faculty and students. The library assumed responsibility for this training and reported no issues.
  • TWEN offered a new Gradebook with increased functionality. Many of  courses (esp the Online course) used the gradebook for online quiz  grading and assignment submissions.
  • LexisNexis – LMO (Lexis for Microsoft Office) was available for download by students. It was also offered to any interested faculty member.  Only the Lawyering faculty plus a few others used this option.
  • Lexis Web courses also included enhancements such as the addition of a wiki.  Only several faculty used Lexis Web Courses.  The majority of the classes used TWEN to post course content.
  • Examsoft – The Mac version of SofTest was available for the first time for the Fall final exams and it was used again in the Spring.  Students were very pleased and few technical glitches were experienced.
  • New Classcaster site – we switched from classcaster.org to classcaster.net.  Career Center had their own site.  One professor also started her own site to post recordings. Due to the increased use of webcasting and audio recordings being uploaded to TWEN, classcaster was not used as often as in previous years.
  • Instructional Technology Goals –
    • Greater than 75% of classes setup online CMS, in Fall semester. In the fall, 73% of the classes had a TWEN site and 9% used Lexis. In the spring, total CMS use increased from 82% to 90%.
    • Of those who faculty use TWEN, 50% or more use site to promote interaction using online tools (wikis, assignment dropbox, forums, signup sheets, etc…), in Spring semester. The use of interactive tools increased to 53% in the Spring semester.
    • Update distance learning report to include Government Ethics Online course experience. The report was completed and submitted. Year 2 of Government Ethics included many improvements and received positive feedback from students.
    • Assess technology use by faculty individually, and suggest new and better ways of utilizing technology (pre-semester survey, visit classes, meet with 70% of faculty, offer workshops. Faculty responded to a Survey before the Fall semester, 27 classes were observed, 3 workshops were offered and many one-on-one tech support sessions scheduled.
  • Web Portal Project –  In order to enhance the efficiency of communication between faculty, staff and students, simplify access to personal productivity tools, deliver vital institutional information and calendars, and streamline web content management processes to decrease opportunities for creating redundant data, it was decided to implement a school-wide portal that would replace the current intranet.  This summer, the portal will be launched.


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