Live Blogging from the CDETG Conference

CDETG Spring 2011 Conference: Friday, June 3 2011 from 9am-12
Location: ITT Technical Institute of Albany
Topic: Mobile Devices for Teaching & Learning: Impact, Barriers, and Solutions.


  • Judd Rattner –  Intellidemia Concourse Mobile
  • Audeliz Matias, PhD Empire State College  – Mobile Learning Task Force

Panel: A selected panel will reveal what they are doing with mobile devices in the classroom and discuss student expectations. A moderator will question further thoughts on the use of this technology and audience members will have a chance to collaborate and question panel members.

Panel Members:

  • Jeremy Hammond & Justin Carman,  St. Rose –  iPhone/Droid App
  • Kelly Dempsey-Little,  Skidmore College –  Blackboard Mobile
  • James Greenberg,  SUNY Oneonta – ConnectYard
  • Brian Mistler,  Hobart & William Smith Colleges – Mobile Technology for Quizzes
  • Virgina Yonkers,  University at Albany  – Examples of Success & Failures
  • Kyle Songer.  Excelsior College –  Eye on Trends
  • Amanda Hagzan,  Albany Medical College –  Mobile Devices in Medicine

  • Intellidemia Concourse Mobile
    • extension of their online syllabus software
    • everyone is going mobile
    • just another way to interface with their software
    • read only view of content for students
    • faculty cannot edit on mobile
  • Mobile Learning Task Force
    • Horizon Report 2011- by 2015, 80% will be accessing web thru mobile device
    • members explore who to use mobile tech in learning (student average age =35)
    • bought some mobile (iPad, flip camera, netbook, iPod) devices
    • courses are online & instructors are adjunct
    • Projects underway:
      • Discovering Math Across Generations (one class will use mobile devices)
        • students find the apps
        • keep a journal on how they use mobile apps
      • American Popular Music
        • use mobile device to upload assignments
        • use geo tagging
      • Mobile platform to give student access to course calendar, discussion groups, content guides
      • M-Learning – create mobile learning spaces
      • Studies about the technology itself (mobile media)
      • Virtual Public History (mobile vs reg.) – post blog
  •  iPhone/Droid App
    • free app for iPhone or Droid
    • iKnow Saint Rose
    • dynamic informational portal
    • events & notices, course schedules & descriptions, athletics, library resources, campus directory, shuttle schedule, campus map
    • Next – Ruby on Rhodes – web server on phone – online grades, bill pay, etc.
  • Blackboard Mobile (cancelled)
  • ConnectYard
    • course on New Media
    • so many solutions for everything
    • widgetbox – similar to free one from Cornell
    • you decide where the communication goes (FB, twitter, webpage, etc)
  • Mobile Technology for Quizzes (cancelled)
  •  Examples of Success & Failures
    • Most students  have the technology
    • how faculty use the technology
      • communication – email goes to mobile device
      • posting assignments
        • FB doesn’t work (students use for social not academic)
      • resources
        • students aren’t downloading audio & video
        • pdfs hard to read
      • projects
        • students can use whatever technology they want
        • demo to the rest of class
  • Eye on Trends
    • info as toi be able to go from course to go from one platform to another
    • html5 or flash (html easier)
    • webconferencing – adobeconnect prof – mobile option
    • remote computing- –  collaborate on the same computer
    • hands on – active learning, simulations, problem solving activities
  • Mobile Devices in Medicine
    • 3rd yr med students course on mobile devices
      • 2005 – started using pdas (Palm)
      • 2007 – focus on mobile medical resources
      • 2008 – Blackberry, iPod Touch arrived
      • 2009 – Smartphones in abundance – students requesting access to school resources
      • 2010 – no need to focus on the tech but on its use
      • 2011 – librarian taking over, IT steps back


Other Info:

    • http://appsbar.comcreate your own mobile app
    • Article from Educause – Are you ready for mobile learning?
      • What is the rationale for implementing mobile learning technologies?
        • convenience
        • affordable
        • internet access
      • Will increased use of shorthand in synchronous and asynchronous communication affect students’ writing ability in the long term?
      • Will brevity of expression trump depth of knowledge?
      • Will it become easier for students to cheat during tests? Is this issue relevant to twenty-first-century learning?
      • What course content is suitable for transmission to mobile computing/communication devices?
      • Will the quality of communication and interaction be enhanced or diminished by adopting mobile learning pedagogy?
      • Do mobile devices allow students to interact with peers and instructors at the same level and quality as if they were participating using a PC?
      • Will a shift in emphasis from e-learning to mobile learning increase the gap between the haves and have-nots?
      • Will the quality of the instructional content be improved, enhanced, or downgraded by transferring to a mobile-compatible format?
      • What types of resistance to change will faculty and students experience?
      • How will the instructor’s role change?
    • Kyle Songer’s answers to the above questions
    • Uses of Mobile Devices
      • gaming
      • simulations
      • interactive whiteboard
      • collaboration
      • data collection for assignment
      • face to face conferencing (skype)
      • student content creation
      • connecting with environments
      • feed collection for podcasts, rss feeds
      • ereader
      • crowd sourcing
      • sharing info
    • uMobile
      • part of Jasig – a consortium of educational institutions and commercial affiliates sponsoring open source software projects for higher education.
      •  a new initiative that will help institutions expedite the delivery of campus applications, content, and data to everyone using mobile devices
      • 2004 – RPI started supporting Blackberry
      • 2008 – mobile website –
      • everything is mobile friendly but not mobile perfect
      • use Drupal for website – add css to make mobile
      • UCLA & MIT have mobile platforms – using open source

Next CDETG meeting will held in Octobr 2011.  Topic and location TBA.


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