Law Professors: There’s an App For That…

The Pikme App for Class Discussions

    • Lets the professor create up to five classes of students (adding students into a class is by hand)
    • During class discussion, if  aprofessor wants to call on a student at random, he/she just opens the app and shakes the phone, and it will suggest a student (but will not call on students multiple times)
    •  Also gives the professor the chance to rate the students’ response
    •  Tracks the # of questions a student has answered, as well as the average score 
    •  Free, and runs on any iOS device running version 3.0 or newer.


    • Professors can design their own presentation using choice of slide masters, animations, fonts, and style options.
    • Professors can show slides on a large screen by attaching your iOS device to an external display or projector using an optional adapter
    • Professors can share work by exporting it to Keynote ’09, Microsoft PowerPoint, or PDF format and sending it via Mail or publish presentations to public  to share with anyone on a Mac or PC.
    • Designed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
    • $9.99

by David M. Reed (Computer Science, Capital University).

    • Professors can take attendance and create “flashcards” with student names and photos (school supplies the photos).  
    • Professors an import names from school addressbook

Dropbox Mobile App

    • Professors can also store PDFs of course material, etc. 
    • Professors can save scholarly articles to read later. 
    • Free.


    • Professors can use it to annotate and place sticky notes on documents
    • For  iPhone/iPad/iTouch
    • $2.99.

JotNot Scanner Pro

  • Professors can use to scan and save documents
  • Turns pictures taken from your iPhone into PDFs
  • Professors can use to take a picture of the whiteboard, before  it is erased
  • $0.99.

Thinking Space or  MindJet or MindBlowing  or Popplet

  • Mind-mapping software

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