Live Blogging from the CALI Conference – Day 1

  • Plenary – IGNITE!

short presentations on fun topics – motivation, CALI, show n tell, etc.

  •  Bringing Fun Back Into the Classroom: How to Compete With Facebook and Win Presented by: Colleen Martinez Skinner, Florida Coastal School of Law, Charles Pipins II, Florida Coastal School of Law
    •  keep students engaged by using the technology they already bring to class everyday (and sometimes even their brains).
    • use traditional games or even cell phones to tempt those millennials into actively learning.
    • designed to get the information to the students as well as make learning fun again – ask a multiple choice question, students can send a tgext on their phone or go to a url, can download a slide for ppt with the results; ask a open-ended question, answers upload to a ppt slide – make humorous video – use it to give an assignment, reinforce important concepts – if you can type, you can make movies – eg Dating contract UQ Law Review, bar & grill singers, hearsay exception

crossword puzzles –  – create on PC, free, good for distance learning , pc & mac compatible for users

Bingo -keeps students engaged during class

Family Feud – divide class into 2 teams – ppt templates on

Jeopardy – 53 slides

  • University of Texas: Exploring Our New Digital Teaching Courtroom Presented by:  Karyn Kondoff, University of Texas School of Law, Andy Martinez, University of Texas School of Law
    •  The University of Texas School of Law recently finished redesigning one of their “ordinary” teaching courtrooms into a state-of-the-art, digital teaching courtroom –
    • dedicated to paperless trials and the latest in digital evidence.
    • Students rotate through the digital courtroom and are taught how to deliver digital evidence, use annotation tools, capture software, etc.


  • From Classroom to Clinic: Unbound in Time and Space Presented by: Greg Clinton, North Carolina Central University School of Law, James Beckwith, Jr., North Carolina Central University School of Law 
    • techniques and best practices in a smart classroom, emphasizing effective use of computer, audio, and video enhancements. 
    • classroom capture systems and the advantages of a split-screen archive that is searchable by the minute on a given date.
    • contrast evolving courtroom technology with that of the classroom. 
    •  clinic and courtroom technology

use Panopto (similar to Echo 360, Tegrity, MediaSite)

video capture classroom lectures

capture mediation sessions with prof’s ability to add comments

capture trial practice

TALIAS – technology-assited legal instruction and services –

telepresence in all legal aid offices

distance learning – CMA client

students download the software and are given a 4G card

  • App Development for Mobile Devices: Go Native, Go Web? What Types of Apps? Presented by: Rich McCue, University of Victoria Faculty of Law
    •  the pros and cons of Native Mobile App development 
    • the  limitations of HTML5 Mobile Web Apps.
    • the types of information students are typically looking for while using their phones
    •  the tasks that lend themselves to mobile interfaces,
    • some popular application development platforms and mobile web frameworks that have been developed with higher education in mind.

Web APPS – easier to create (html5 & java), cheaper, available sooner, easier to update, multiple platform

WEB APPS dev – modo labs, molly, ucla, drupal, jQuery

Native APPS – loads faster, has access to QR code reader, camera & gps, can launch apps offline, can push out notifications, integrates with calendar data & contacts

NATIVE APPS dev – appcelerator, phone gap, flash, corona sdk


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