Live Blogging from the CALI Conference – Day 3

Video Communications now – ubiquitous, better quality, less expensive, easier to use (facetime, desktop vc), more reliable (audio least), more mobile (vidyo, skype, webex)

BYU – desktop licenses for 30 simultaneous uses

VC -enabled courtroom, seminar classroom, study rooms, video teaching station, portable polycom

use VIDGO client software

externship seminar – in groups, 4 on the screen at a time

collaborative lectures

virtual group exercises & online tutorials – use medianotes to evaluate

Dickinson Law (Penn State)

exempted from ABA Standard 306 (for 7 yrs)

most 2L & 3L classes are offered as distance learning courses – no 1L classes

students attend in the classroom on either campus (Dickinson or Penn St)

equipped with push-to-talk mics & cameras

profs cannot use whiteboard but uses Wacom tablet displays instead

also use in courtroom – judge rules court at remote location

use Mediasite – record all classes – recordings automatically uploaded for students in CMS (Angel – now Blackboard)

100% of faculty use CMS

distance learning courses increasingly popular 210 seats, apps have increased from 2500 to 5300


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