Highlights of CALI Conference 2011

In no particular order:

  • Love the design of the new classrooms at Marquette, esp the push-to-talk lit up mics & the projectors (which disappear into the ceiling)
  • Want to try Xtranormal – good to know that there is an educational discount
  • Polleverywhere.com looks useful as it allows interaction via cellphone as well as a website
  • Uploading student videos to a private channel allowing feedback by using youtube’s  annotation tool
  • Prezi is the new powerpoint – definitely need to learn it & check out the educational discount
  • QRcode – free creator using qrcode.kaywa.com – it is cool!!
  • Blackboard bought Eluminate.  Does that mean Lexis will offer it?  Rumor is that Westlaw may incorborate Adobe Connect.
  • Lecture capture – everyone is doing it!
  • Scopia – an easy to use web conferencing tool – got to try it.
  • iPad envy!!  Macs are everywhere!
  • You eat a lot and often at CALI conferences!
  • CALI conferences are a great place to network and learn about teachnology & legal education.
  • Next year, it’s in San Diego.  I hope I can go………..

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