New CALI Lesson Interface

Starting in the 2011-2012 school year, CALI Lessons will look a lot different.

  • CALI Lessons will finally run on mobile devices like iPads and iPhones,
  • Student lesson runs and scores will be saved automatically in the students’ “My Lesson Runs” account profile section,
  • Copy and paste will be easier,
  • Faculty features* (see below) will be built-in to the lesson.

Watch the video below which covers what’s changing and the expected timeline for implementation.


* Faculty Features:

  • There is a direct link to faculty view: a view of a CALI Lesson in its entirety on a single webpage. It makes a complete review, and even printing of the lesson, much easier. (see image above) A faculty options link (also in the above-linked image) opens a special faculty toolbar on the left with advanced tools and navigation options.
  • A mapper tool in that menu helps you visualize the flow and branching of the questions.
  • A direct link to LessonLink lets faculty create a unique URL that tracks your students’ usage of assigned lessons.

Please note:

Creating a LessonLink to track student usage now leads users to the new viewer. However, any LessonLink created before 8/10/2011 still leads to the outdated version of lessons, without auto-save. Faculty who created their LessonLinks before 8/10/2011 should create new LessonLinks and assign them instead.



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