Are IPads Coming to a Law School Near You?

It seems the iPads especially the iPad2 are popping up everywhere.  Even in law schools.

Here is a comment I found on a blog:

I am a law student and absolutely adore my iPad. It allows me to remain incredibly organized in class, as I no longer have to print 30 page opinions and fumble through them, looking for my notes. I also love having F.R.E., etc. readily available at the touch of a button. I couldn’t imagine law school without it!

So there you have it from one law student’s perspective.

Obviously, the are many Apps that are useful to law students such as:

In addition to above Legal Apps, a good annotation tool would also make the iPad a useful device for a law student, especially with a stylus for writing on the screen. There are many apps that now exist to meet this need. The hard part is trying to figure out which is best suited to law school.

Prof. Hacker from the Chronicle of Higher Education offered his recommendation for Annotation Apps. See chart below:


He seems to recommend GoodReader and UPAD. The New York Law blog recommends SignMyPad, iAnnotate PDF, Readdle PDF Expert, or Noterize or marking up PDFs.

Lawyers using iPads appear to be a popular topic.  The Legal iPad even compiled a list of law-related iPad resources and posted them HERE .


Some day law school classes could look like this:

Professor Angst’s “iPad Class” at Notre Dame University


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