LawTeaching.Org’s Idea of the Month

Each month, the Intstitute for Law Teaching & Learning posts an “Idea of the Month.” For December 2011, the idea related to the use of technology in legal education.

  • Using PowerPoint
  • Recording video lectures
  • Editing these videos (and creating short clips)
  • Posting these video clips & ppt slides for students to view outside of class
  • Using “clickers” to assess understanding in class

Last month, in article from Inside Higher Ed, Marketing Professor Mike Garver from Central Michigan University was featured.  To read the entire article, click here. He was also featured on the Turning Technologies website, here.

In order to integrate higher order thinking skills into his teaching methods, Dr. Garver turned to technology.  He records his lectures on his webcam at home. He then splits them up into small chunks, posts them to iTunesU along with accompanying PowerPoint slides and assigns them to his students to view before they come to class.

In class, he  assesses the students’ understanding of these important concepts with questions that students respond to with a “clicker.” The rest of class is devoted to group work and hands-on activities.
The Institute’s 2011 summer conference materials also include some useful information on video recording –  YouTube Pedagogy: A Practical Guide.

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