What’s New (from CALI)?

Because of technological, economic, and market pressures, the way we practice law is rapidly evolving. Are students prepared? Are faculty interested in new avenues to cover in their courses to help prepare them?

CALI is offering a nine-week, online course on Topics in Digital Law Practice.

This course is designed to provide an overview of the changes that are occurring in the practice of law today, especially with respect to technology. It will introduce law students for real-world situations that they will encounter in the job market and point law professors to new avenues to cover in their courses.

The course will run for one hour a week for nine weeks and will feature a different guest speaker each week. Each class will be delivered via webcast and will have a 30 minute lecture presentation followed by a question & answer period and an online, interactive homework assignment for all course students to complete. There will be no formal assessment like midterms or a final exam.

The audience for this seminar is primarily law students and law faculty who will be given priority. Anyone else can join the course for one or all of the sessions. The presentations will be recorded and posted to the course blog.

The Seminar is FREE to all registered attendees.

Session Topics: (all at 2:00 pm ET)

1.      February 10, 2012 – The Virtual Law Office

2.      February 17, 2012 – Document Automation or February 18, 2012 – Document A Automation

3.      February 24, 2012 – Technology in Courts

4.      March 2, 2012 – Unbundling Legal Services

5.      March 9, 2012 – Online Legal Aid Forms

6.      March 16, 2012 – Contract Standardization

7.      March 23, 2012 – Free Legal Research

8.      March 30, 2012 – UPL in 21st Century

9.      April 6, 2012 – Soc. Media for Lawyers

Attendees need to register for the course, and they should follow the course website.

Within in seconds of anouncing this course through e-mail, this response was received: “This looks great. Someone from clinic will enroll.”

CALI has also added a new feature to their lessons that students are going to love: CALI Lesson resume.

  • When a student leaves a lesson, the student can now return to the spot they left off with the scoring details saved.
  • It’s automatic. It doesn’t matter if the student left the lesson by closing the browser, shutting down the computer, or losing internet connectivity. The only time resume is not available is when the student opts to “finalize” the lesson.
  • While resume is automatic, we’ve added an “Exit & Resume Later” link. It offers a clear way for students to exit a lesson knowing they’ve saved their progress.
  • To resume an open lesson, login to cali.org and, in the right hand menu, click “My Lesson Runs.” In the listed “current lesson runs,” you’ll find the resume link in the right column. Only lessons run after the first of the year have this option.
  • When they reach the end of a lesson, students will now be given the option to complete and finalize the lesson. Once finalized, they cannot resume that lesson. They can, of course, run the same lesson again starting with a score of zero. There’s a “Complete the Lesson” link in the table of contents if the student would like to finalize the score prior to arriving on the final screen naturally.

Here’s a more detailed FAQ.

Students, ENJOY!!!!


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