Quick & Easy Narrated PowerPoint Presentations

In the past, I have recommended using Adobe Presenter (now part of Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended) to add narations to PowerPoint slide shows. Many of our professors have used this tool in order to post PDFs of their narrated presentations for students to access on TWEN.

Now I discovered something even easier:

You just save your presentation as a PDF, upload it to HelloSlide and type the speech for each slide, instead of recording it. HelloSlide automatically generates the audio (in a British man’s voice).  You can edit it as many times as you need and you can even translate it into another language.

It is FREE for up to 50  presentations.  Each presentation must be under 100 MB.

Here’s one that I did in a few minutes introducing our school’s new portal –

Yes, you can only use the British man’s voice and he is very monotone and speaks too fast.  But it is quick and easy.

Another way to narrate your powerpoint is Present.me, a web tool that allows you to add a video narration to your PowerPoints.  Your slides and narration appear side by side and are easy to sync. The recordings on the FREE version are limited to 15 minutes in length, 50mb in size and 10 uploaded per month.

Lastly, there is MyBrainShark, a website that allows you to add your voice, background music, even survey questions to your documents, PowerPoint presentations, videos and photos. With MyBrainShark, you can create and record an unlimited number pf presentations.


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