Last Friday, I attended the CELT conference hosted by Albany Law School.  The focus of the conference was “emerging models for curricular and structural reform.”

David Thomson, the author of  Law School 2.0, was the keynote speaker Thursday evening.  His presentation is posted here.

 I was hoping to hear about innovative uses of technology in the classroom and also witness the use of technology by the presenters and I did see the following:

  • One presenter Skyped in because she was unable to attend in person
  • Most presenters used PowerPoint slideshows.
  • Video clips examples were shown.
  • U Pittsburgh prof uses Classroom Salons, a free social media tool developed by Carnegie Mellon U in his courses – very cool
  • Clio, free client management software is used by one law school
  • Diffusion – free web-based simulation game was used in the closing session activity

But what impressed me most was the opportunities for collaboration among professors from different law schools during most of the sessions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This type of activity put the professor in the role of learner and also modeled of what they can do in the law school classroom with their students.


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