Year Three of Gov’t Ethics Online

As the third year of our distance learning option at Albany Law School draws to a close, we look at the end-of-the-year survey results in order to prepare for year 4.

When asked “What did you like most about taking this online course?” students responded:

  • Being able to interact with other students in the discussions, as well as being able to do the work at home.
  • I actually had to read everything so it turned out to be a great learning experience.  I would love to take more online courses during law school.
  • The flexibility of being able to complete assignments anytime up until the due date.
  • The materials were interesting. The online interactive format forces students to make comments- which makes it more interactive than a traditional class where students tend to sit silent. I enjoyed seeing other students’ take on the material- it was informative and sometimes provided a different perspective.
  • I liked submitting my assignments online and at convenient times of the day.
  • The subject topics for the discussions & wiki assignments were very interesting.

All of the students replied that they would recommend offering this course again in the on-line format and that they thought that TWEN worked well as a course management system for an online class.

So this was a very successful year with distance learning. Year 4, however, will undergo some changes…a new professor…more synchronous options due to changes in the NYS Bar requirements for distance learning.


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