Keeping Your Germs At Home

I got this email from a professor last week:

Hi Darlene,

I am really sick today–gotten worse as the day has progressed. I’m wondering if, rather than cancelling my Contracts class on Thursday (at 11 a.m.), I can teach it from home via Adobe Connect.**

So I asked her for the URL of the Class Site, connected a laptop to the projector in the classroom, hooked up a microphone and VOILA.

ota adobe connect 001

ota adobe connect 002

The professor showed her PowerPoint slides and the students took notes and asked questions.

And no one caught the professor’s germs!!!

**(The professor said that she was inspired by a Verizon commercial that she saw while watching the NFC championship game. It showed a kid who was sick attending school via a robot.)


One Response to Keeping Your Germs At Home

  1. Mary A. Lynch says:

    THis is really cool! I’d love to hear what the professor and the students thought about the session!

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