Virtual Live Blogging from the CALI Conference – Day 2


Again I am watching the sessions via YouTube.

In this session, Smith discussed lessons learned from this year’s 1L Legal Research’s flipped classroom.

    • They used the tools below to create a varied and interactive set of classes:
      • Camtasia videos and quizzing,
      • review exercises using Blackboard’s “test” tool,
      • video narratives of former student experiences,
      • interactive clicker response slides in the classroom, (class set of TurningTechnologies)
      • CALI lessons (both homegrown and “official”),
      • and an early focus on print resources to introduce students to tools like indexes and tables of contents.
    • In class exercises were collaborative
    • They did not abandon the “Socratic” Method
  • One Less Textbook To Drag Around: Creating an Online Learning Experience for 1L Legal Skills Students – Lucie Olejnikova & Cynthia Pittson, Pace University School of Law
    • team taught legal research as part of legal skills course
    • already had created videos to teach some tech topics (available on youtube)
    • tried many legal research books but none fit the needs of their first year students
    • they decided to make their own and put it online
    • couldn’t do it in-house, had to outsource – used LibGuide bySpringShare – inexpensive & easy to use (about $100 per year)
    • platform must be easy to use, accessible at all times and from any device
    • must appeal to all learning styles, incorporating text, graphics, audio, video & self-testing options.
    • They used a wide variety of tools, information, and websites already available – Westlaw, CALI
    • Each module must have a consistent look and be easy to navigate
    • private online course pack – only for their students
    • used Google analytics to track its use
    • next – link videos, add more content for moot court and writing competitions
    • add Bloomberg Law in the fall

 In this presentation, Ginsberg, Barney & Farrell  discussed what they saw at the April 2013 ABA TechShow such as:

    • the Cloud
    • going Paperless
    • Trial Tech
    • social media to market their practice
    • Mac lawyers
    • in the courtroom – AppleTV
    •  social media and geolocation technologies (sometimes in unexpected places) to uncover evidence
    • mobile technologies to “practice on the go
    •  iPad apps – Dropbox, Docstogo, Evernote, Goodreader, iThoughts
    • opening statements
    • predictive coding

One Response to Virtual Live Blogging from the CALI Conference – Day 2

  1. Thanks for sharing the summaries and video. Tomorrow’s Lawyers is a very important book. Wish the keynote had better public speaking skills.

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