WestLaw ends free printing for students but LexisAdvance will not so…?

Students cannot print for FREE

All law schools have been notified that as of June 30, 2013, WestLaw will no longer offer FREE printing to students.

Therefore, in a course’s TWEN site, if a professor links to Westlaw or WestLawNext, students who want to print a case will have to pay the law school’s per page fee for printing.

lexis adv

through LexisAdvance  law students can still print for FREE

However, LexisAdvance will still offer FREE printing to law students.

To enable law students to print for free, there are THREE things that a professor can do in his/her course’s TWEN site:

1. Add a link to the LexisAdvance web site in the Left Navigation of the course page

  • In your TWEN course site, click on Modify Course on the bottom left navigation
  • Under TWEN | Course Elements, click on Create/Modify Web Link
  •  Under Step 1, check Display the web links in the left navigation
  • Under Step 2, add the name and URL (LexisAdvance   http://www.lexis.com/lawschool  )
  • Click Submit Web Link Changes on the bottom.
  • You will now see LexisAdvance displayed in the left navigation. (If you click on Manage Links, you can change the link order, etc.)

2. Add a LexisAdvance link to cases cited in your syllabus or other course document

  • Create a Syllabus or a Course Document with citations.
  • Email the Syllabus or Course Document to your school Lexis rep.
  • Your rep will link the citations to LexisAdvance (using a tool that Lexis has created.)
  • Your rep will then e-mail the document back to you.
  • In your TWEN course site, click on Syllabus or Course Materials in the left navigation.
  • Click on Add an Item from the Add drop-down menu
  • Add a Document Title and browse to find the linked document that your Lexis rep e-mailed to you.
  • UNCHECK “Mark citations in the attached file to link to Westlaw” AND
  • UNCHECK “Automatically mark citations in the message text to link to Westlaw.”
  • Then click Submit on the bottom.
  • Now the cases in the document are linked to LexisAdvance and the students can print them for FREE.

3. Add links to the cases from LexisAdvance to your TWEN course site.

    • In LexisAdvance, find the case that you want students to access and open it.
    • Click on “Copy Citation
    • Right click on the citation and select “Copy Shortcut
    • In your TWEN course site, click on Course Materials in the left navigation.
    • Click on Add a Link from the Add drop-down menu.
    • Add a Link Title and paste the link url to the case (from LexisAdvance) in the Link URL space.
    • Click Save.
    • Students will be able to print this case for FREE.
    • Repeat the above steps for other cases.

For any further questions regarding printing, law school professors should contact their Westlaw and/or Lexis reps.


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