Using Technology in Law School to Teach Grammar

Core Grammar For Lawyers  launched in 2011 and is an “online, self-directed learning tool designed to help law students, pre-law students, paralegal professionals, and practicing attorneys acquire the grammar and punctuation skills that are prerequisites to successful legal writing.”

This interactive online learning tool includes the following:

  • Pre-Test of general and law-specific grammar skills;
  • Online lessons on each tested topic;
  • Interactive practice exercises following each Lesson;
  • Index of grammar rules for students to use as a reference; and
  • Post-Tests to confirm mastery.

More details about the program can be found in the presentation below:

This program was proposed to several faculty who responded:

  • I think that we need to provide students this or a similar tool to address basic writing skills.”
  • “I like the idea. We have many students who would benefit from this in their coursework, as well as in resumes and writing samples.”

As a result, this fall, the first year students at Albany Law School will be using this program.

The 1Ls will purchase a subscription to Core Grammar for Lawyers at the bookstore.  Their completion of this program will be monitored though their Intro. to Lawyering class. Students are required to complete the pre-test and if they receive a score of 80% or greater, no further work is required. However, they are encouraged to complete the practice exercises and to use the program as a resource.  If they do not receive a score of 80%, they should complete the online exercises at their own pace.  The Core Grammar for Lawyers online program lets students know the areas that they need to work on the most.  When students are ready, they can take the post-test.  If they do not achieve a score or 80%, they must take the post-test again.

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