Congrats to ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels 2013

legal rebels

Below are the ones who implement technology (Click HERE to read the complete article.)

Daniel Martin Katz & Renee Newman Knake

Knake co-founded Michigan State’s ReInvent Law Laboratory with fellow prof Daniel Martin Katz. They developed a core curriculum for students that responds to employers’ requests for specific jurisprudential skill sets in “pillar” areas of law, technology, design and delivery.

Michael Poulshock

In something he calls the Hammurabi Project, Poulshock is writing source code for each law, which can then be entered into computers and applied to fact patterns.

D. Casey Flaherty

Flaherty, Kia Motors America’s corporate counsel, had conducted an audit of tech skills in various firms (He tests ways of using software such as  Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF tools such as Adobe Acrobat.) He’s also collaborating with Suffolk University Law School’s Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation to automate the audit so he can give it away to law students and general counsel at other companies.

John Mayer

Mayer is now leading the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) a nonprofit consortium of law schools, that produces over 900 online interactive tutorials written by law professors.

Michele DeStefano

She founded and co-created with colleague Michael Bossone, LawWithoutWalls, a mostly online program where law and business students from different nations partner with mentors from both professions.




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