Study Tips for Law Students

Reposted from the Law School Academic Support Blog (with some additions):

  • Consider putting your outlines on your Kindle (or iPad) for ease in carrying them with you – especially if you are leaving for the Thanksgiving Break.
  • For first-year courses, you might want to consider purchasing the maps at Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Law are all available in visual versions.


  • If you rather listen to text rather than read it, you might want to consider two options:
    • Dictation and Speech for Macs reads text that can be converted with iTunes for your iPhone;

    • Outlines Outloud is an app that syncs your computer outlines with your iPhone for listening.

  • Check out the website for the Board of Law Examiners in your state to see if they post old exam questions for your state-specific courses; practice questions are sometimes hard to find for state-specific topics, and old bar questions can be a plus. Here is the link for New York:

bar exams

  • Remember to check your own law school’s exam database for past exams in a course; even if they are for a different professor, the exams may provide good practice questions. (Albany Law School has one on TWEN.)


  • Use a table to help you easily see the variations of the same rule (common law, restatement, uniform code, majority jurisdiction, minority jurisdiction, etc.) that you have to learn for an exam.
  • Check out CALI for review lessons. They have over 900 legal education tutorials.


Any other study tips (especially ones that use technology) that you can recommend?


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