Survey Says…


Every year, I ask our faculty questions related to their use of technology.  If I must say so myself, this year’s results are pretty encouraging. (And 30 out 40 full-time faculty members responded.)

Here are some of the highlights:



90% of the faculty use their laptops in the classroom.

The majority of professors are bringing a laptop to class most of the time. Some, of course, only use it from time to time.

84% of the faculty are able to set up the technology in the classroom themselves.

This is due to the fact that the rooms are easier to use and faculty are using their laptops more frequently.  And if they have a problem, they know whom to contact.

80% upload their course materials to TWEN.

There still some that print and handout materials but that has decreased.  And the trees thank them.

57% have their students upload their assignments to TWEN.

Since our students have to pay for printing and e-mail is often unreliable, this is good news.

97% of the faculty have a TWEN site set up for their course.  77% use it to post and interact with their students.

twen use

 Posting materials and submitting assignments are the popular uses of TWEN.  As you can see from the graph, TWEN’s other options are used as well.

70% of the faculty would like to use technology more.

tech use

PowerPoint is the most commonly used technology tool used for teaching followed by Internet resources and videos.

In reflecting on past 8 years here, there has definitely been an increase in technology use and interest by faculty.

Based this year’s responses, workshops on Advanced PowerPoint and TWEN were offered and handouts posted for those who could not attend. For the most part, faculty here prefer to learn technology as they need it.  Therefore, most technology instruction is done one-on-one and by request.

Do any other law schools survey their faculty?  If so, what have you learned?


* designed by Dan Hetteix from the Noun Project


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