Prezi instead of PowerPoint?

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation platform. Unlike slides, Prezi’s open, zoom-able canvas lets you show relationships between the big picture and fine details, putting your ideas in context.

Here are some lawschool-related examples:

Check out these links to get started using Prezi:

or just search for Prezi in YouTube and you will find loads of tutorials like these two below:


Use Prezi for free and the presentations you create will be publicly visible and you will be able to create, collaborate and present on with 100MB cloud storage. There are also paid subscription versions which give you more options and more storage space.

The drawbacks to using Prezi come primarily from the user’s preconceptions. It can be really hard to move away from bullets and slides if that’s how you’re used to conveying information. It is also tough to release your creativity onto a blank canvas and envision the swirling, whirling beauty of your finished Prezi.

I have used both (though PowerPoint a lot more than Prezi) and I found the comparison below of PowerPoint vs Prezi (from to be very accurate:

Prezi strengths:

  • Free, but only if you’re happy for your presentations to be public. Private presentations require an upgraded account.
  • Prezi gives a feeling that the presentation is more fluid and more visual.
  • Web based (can access from any computer, tablet, etc.)
  • Prezi’s collaboration feature makes it easy to edit presentations with other users in real-time.
  • Non-Linear navigation and ‘map’ metaphor is preferred by some people.
  • Short learning curve.

Prezi weaknesses:

  • Prezi can make people dizzy. Can include a lot of useless motion (you can use grouping and frames to avoid motion sickness).
  • Limited printing options.
  • Web based (best if you have an internet connection).
  • The animation novelty can wear off. (If you saw 10 Prezi presentation in a row at a conference you might throw up).
  • There is a learning curve.

Powerpoint strengths:

  • More features and options (may not be a strength of you want simplicity!).
  • May be more reliable to carry your presentation on a USB stick.
  • You can have WOW impact with Powerpoint animations (and you’re not limited to just one).
  • Linear slide format and design is preferred by some.
  • More people are familiar with this format if you are working with other on your presentation (no learning curve).

Powerpoint weaknesses:

  • Animation not as smooth as Prezi.
  • Most people don’t use it well and so can seem visually boring.
  • Most people use 10% of the features so it’s by being all things to all people it’s harder to get a simple, visually stunning result.

But if your students’ eyes glaze over at the thought of another one of your PowerPoint presentations, why not try Prezi to create a more dynamic presentation.

Do you your law school professors use PowerPoint or Prezi to create presentations for their students?


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