Flipping Civ Pro

Flipping the Classroom is a popular topic. In fact, in the most recent Horizon Report, the flipped classroom was named one of the most important emerging trends in educational technology for higher education …”because of how it rearranges face-to-face instruction for professors and students, creating a more efficient and enriching use of class time.”

The flipped class in law school has been the subject of several posts on this blog:

This semester, one of the professors at Albany Law School has decided to “flip” his Federal Civil Procedure class.

Each week he uses the software VideoScribe to create a video.

The video file is uploaded to TWEN for the students to watch outside of the classroom.

twen videos

Students have to certify that they have watched the video in its entirety.


The professor also has the ability to check to see who has and who has not watched each video.

clicking + gives the names of the students who have watched

A detailed view can be seen monthly for each student showing how they watched the video (time, pausing, etc.):



During class time, the professor can spend time elaborating on what was covered in the video, answering questions about the content and engaging the students rather than using the traditional “Socratic method.”

I asked the professor about how things were going so far:

I think it’s much more productive (giving the students the material ahead of time) and I can use the time to do more examples, rather than lecture.

Then the important question…”Are the videos enhancing student learning?”

 I’m going to do an analysis.  I think they are helpful, but my analysis is going to try to determine whether there is any connection between watching the videos and how students fared on the mid-term.  Stay tuned.

As the professor says…STAY TUNED.

Are there any law school professors experimenting with “flipping the classroom?” If so, how is it working out? Are students learning better?

Here are some recommended articles for those considering “flipping” the Law School classroom:


3 Responses to Flipping Civ Pro

  1. Mary Lynch says:

    Did this go to all faculty or should I send?

    Mary A. Lynch
    Albany Law School
    Clinical Professor of Law
    Director, Center for Excellence in Law Teaching http://www.teachinglawstudents.com
    Director, Domestic Violence Prosecution Hybrid Clinic http://www.albanylaw.edu/cjc/clinics/domestic-violence/Pages/Domestic-Violence.aspx
    Editor, Best Practices for Legal Education Blog http://bestpracticeslegaled.albanylawblogs.org
    T: 518.472.5834
    Come, come, my conservative friend, wipe the dew off your spectacles, and see that the world is moving. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    • Darlene says:

      You could re-post on your blog. I would first ask Ray Brescia if he minds sharing. I hope to have him present about this at a faculty workshop along with some other innovative profs.

  2. […] approaches.  The Instructional Technology blog from Albany Law School provides a number of links to information about the “flipped” classroom.  Other resources include the […]

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