Live Blogging from the LegalEdWeb Webinar


Jeremiah Ho of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Law (above) led a webinar entitled “Flipping of the Law Classroom: Infusing Active Learning Through Technology.”

Here are some of his key points:

  • Flipped learning is not as popular in law school as in the undergrad classroom.
  • It is predominately done through short video lectures

Challenges for law schools:

  • competes with Socratic nature of law courses differently
  • possible loss of investigative or pressing discussion
  • could be difficult to do for complex doctrine
  • relegates doctrinal instruction into a more static mode

The Problem Method (active learning) is more compatible with law school.

Bar prep course & legal writing courses work well with the flipped method

Why  merge Active Learning with the Flipped Classroom?

  • transfers issue-spotting from page to screen
  • appeals to visual & auditory learning styles
  • sensory experience of fact-play
  • adds variety to tradition law instructional media
  • comports with problem method
  • immediacy


  • Create a slide presentation that is colorful and with visual examples.
  • Have students perform skits or create their own problems/hypos.

Variations of this theme:

  • single-issue simulations
  • as part of performance exams
  • self-assessment
  • transactional law hypos
  • combined with traditional flipped instruction

The following resources may be helpful:

For more information on this topic, contact Professor Ho at

Video of the webinar:









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