They’re Not Paying Attention! What Can We Do?

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Media Education, university students are not paying attention in class. They spend 20% of their time in class doing things on their digital devices that have nothing to do with their school work such as texting, reading  email, etc.


Many say that it’s because they are bored.

Should there be policies banning the use of smartphones during class or should professors find ways to engage students?

Is this happening in law schools, as well?

There are no official studies but casual observations show that this is happening to some extent in law school classrooms.

If professors are just lecturing or reading their Powerpoint slides, it is tempting for students to tune out and glance at their phone.

What can professors do to make their classes more interactive?

  • Use clickers or in class polling tools
  • Group Work
  • Class Discussions
  • Games or problem-solving activities
  • Assign PowerPoints or videos to be viewed at home rather than during class time (Flipping the class)

Anything to add?  How do you keep students’ attention?

Please share.



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