New From CALI

June 25, 2013

Guess what arrived today?

cali cards

Cards for students to play the new CALI Time Trial game.

The CALI Time Trial is the card game that challenges your knowledge of legal history.


  1. Start with at least 20 cards. Shuffle, stack in center, face down. Put one card face-up as a starter time line
  2. First player picks a card, reads it out loud. Player to the left decides where to put he card in time line.  If correct, player gets 10 points.  If wrong, the player loses 5 points. Place card correctly in time line.
  3. Move to the next player. Play continues until all cards are used.
  4. Player with the most points wins.

You can also play it online at 


Be creative!

Any other ideas on using these cards to enhance student learning?