Law Professor Teaches At Home

March 21, 2008


In a recent post on the Teknoids Listserv, a professor from the Touro Law Center shared his experience of teaching 2 of his classes from home :

“In short:  It worked. More specifically, it worked adequately, particularly given how little advance planning had gone into this impromptu experiment.  We used two pieces of software: the free audio/video chat program Skype (,and/ a free Skype add-in called YugmaSE ( which allowed me to share my computer screen and/or a window (in this case, a PowerPoint presentation) with the students via Skype. ”

This experiment proves how valuable technology is.  Instead of canceling class due to a family illness, this professor was able to conduct class.

There are many software solutions that could be substituted for Skype/Yugma such as Elluminate, Webex and Adobe Connect (none of which are free).

This situation could be reversed when the student is in their home (unable to come to class) and thanks to technology, be able to attend a class.