MediaNotes Webcast

March 3, 2008


CALI has made Blue Mango’s MediaNotes software – ( ) available to law schools. The full-featured version is free to faculty, librarians, staff, and $20 for students.  To download the software, go to: (You must use your CALI web credentials to login).

MediaNotes is a video/audio tagging application which allows you to easily analyze and annotate video/audio performances. CALI is also be providing webspace for students and faculty to share these videos.

What I learned today…

 Lawyering skills  can be compared to sports skills – if you see yourself, you can correct yourself.  MediaNotes adds reinforcement and provides feedback to would-be lawyers.

For  each event (video segment)- you have the option for text comments as well as adding tags

The best way to use it is to have the students make the first cut and do the annotations and then have the professor read the student annotations and add his/her own.

There is a tag palette where the tags are stored.  You have to create your own tags that are connected to the content of your course.  You can download the tags created by Larry Farmer  from the CALi website.

Recommended uses: interviewing skills, negotiating skills, trial practice/court skills

It works with any video file except flash – .mov and .wmv most common because students can play the video back

It also works with just audio – the file size would be much smaller – sometimes video is not necessary

The software can be downloaded by any faculty member and installed on one lab computer for FREE.  Students can download the software at a cost of $20/student.  Many law schools are absorbing the student cost.

File size – needs to be small in order to be able to upload and download (esp students with bandwidth issues)

In order to reduce file size, you reduce the quality of the video – the audio is always more important.

Ex.  25 minute mov web cam recorded file = 50 mbs

Minimum Technology requirements:

  • Inexpensive webcam ($50) – they all come with recording software
  • Headset (with microphone)   ($15)
  • Flash drive to move from the computer hard drive  ($30)
  • MediaNotes software
  • Existing laptop or desktop

 webcam.jpg   headset.jpg  flashdrive.jpg