Another New App

March 18, 2014

ezbriefRecently a third-year law student at The University of Michigan Law School invented an iPad app that automates the creation of case briefs.

David Lutz was apparently looking to simplify the process of printing out case PDFs, annotating them and then typing the information into the brief so he came up with BriefCase.

According to Lutz,

the app allows you to annotate PDFs of court decisions using nine customizable highlight colors, with each color representing a facet of a case.  You can also edit the colors to give them any label you want.

Once you’re done, tap the “Brief” button and a case brief is created, with your highlights organized in bullet points under the labels associated with each color.  Each bullet point links back to its place in the text.

There are no iPhone or Android versions. The app is free but for a price of $9.99 a year, users can get additional features. (iTunes download.)

Goodreader is also an app for iPad that allows you to read and in most cases mark up PDFs and many other varieties of documents.  It also has a document management system that allows for multi-level document files and integrates well with Dropbox, email and other applications.

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Are there any others that you use at your law school?